This World Bipolar Day, Let’s Walk Together

world-bipolar-day-mumbaiCan you hear him narrating his story?
He is a man who would fit into both the rural or urban landscapes of India. Marketers will tell you how difficult it is to connect with the many colours of India.

Imagine engaging him in a conversation pertaining to a Mental Illness as serious as Bipolar Disorder. 

Imagine making him understand that mental illness is not a curse that can either be left to its own fate or by offering sacrifices to the Gods, or worse still, crooks masquerading as Gods.

And after he has finally bought your story, that yes, Mental Illness cannot be left to chance, it needs treatment like any other illness from a medical professional, imagine him actually seeking treatment for himself or any of his family members
(Most don’t approach Doctors at all)

And suspend your disbelief.
That conversations have begun to happen from the remotest corners of India.
Further, that people have openly shared their stories of serious mental illnesses in public domain.

That when we attempted to provide solutions by suggesting contacts of care givers,
many have sought treatment and are on the path of recovery. We were stumped when they came forward bravely to share their remarkable stories of turnaround. Stories that would move the heart of a statue cast in stone.

Magic happened.
The magic gained momentum.
Online meets led to the all important Offline Peer Support Meets, currently held each month in Mumbai. Can see them covering the Geographical map of India..only a matter of time and perseverance.
And conviction in our story of Authenticity, Compassion and Vitality

How can we take this conversation forward?
30th of March is WORLD BIPOLAR DAY 2016
S P Jain cROPPEDAn Event of this scale is happening for the first time in India to mark it!
We must leverage the Peer spirit built among ourselves and to welcome others into the fold.
Bipolar Disorder is itself an umbrella of illnesses.
Therefore, Panic Attacks, Anxiety Disorder, Eating Disorders, Addiction and Substance Abuse are common to those struggling with BD. And the big black bear of Depression.

So, why not address Mental Wellness as a whole?
Therefore, we sound out care givers to attend in large numbers and spread the word to anybody with mental health challenges.
Their diagnosis might be different but much of the struggle remains the same.



WBD Logo credit~ World Bipolar Day, Facebook Page

So, what is the day going to be about?
Since awareness remains abysmally low, updating the sketchy information that people have is a given. We need to go much further than that, don’t we?
An informal Panel discussion of all stake holders~
Care givers, Alternative healing experts and of course, us! Grill them to your hearts’ content.

‘Oh, just boring talks and discussions?’
Firstly, neither will be boring. However, this is just for starters!
This evening shall see thought leaders sharing their skill and expertise with us, each selected judiciously to add value to the core topic.
Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect~
SpeakersI have been talking of magic, right? What if you insist on a live demo?
An inspiring story is traveling all the way from Delhi to be with us on that day.
She will share her stirring story of struggle to recovery to thriving.

Another family coming in from South India. Others from Pune…
Some things are best left under the wraps..

It is time to take the movement to level next.
Watch out for the launch of an initiative both inventive and audacious in its scope and scale.

For there’s much more to ignite our imagination, stir our collective conscience and move us to compassion.
Be there with us in numbers and let’s smash Stigma to smithereens!!
Let’s spread a tsunami of awareness
Let’s Walk Together

Please make sure that you reach the venue at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled time~
so that you can enjoy Tea/Coffee and snacks that we shall be providing at the venue.
Ideally, participants should be Aged Twelve or above considering the nature of the event.
Gratitude to many of our generous Supporters!!
Special mention must be made of Dr Milan Balkrishnan‘s wholehearted support in planning and coordination of this massive Event.
The magnificent Venue is courtesy him and Bombay Hospital~ Thank You!

Venue Map~