About Bipolar India

There are many global platforms/communities focused on Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Mental illness. However, talking about such issues openly in India faces the barrier of stigma associated with mental illnesses. Hence, there was a big vacuum in this area. Stigma isolates those already suffering with mental health concerns adding to their torment. In order to address this, I was encouraged by friend and Mentor Puneet Bhatnagar to set up this website. He could foretell the value it would go on to create, with uncanny precision.

Thus, in May 2013, was born BipolarIndia, probably India’s first online community set up by a person living with Bipolar Disorder for the BAPD and Depression community.

This non profit Community is for and about us–  persons living with Bipolar Disorder and Depression (and their Caregivers) who engage with each other. We interact on one common platform with one simple goal: offering help to each other in a compassionate way.

In order to bring all our members on one platform, we have a pan India Telegram App based Peer Support Group.
(To be a part of this group please share your details as a comment below or send them to us via the Contact Us Page. We would be delighted to have you as part of our ever growing community!)

We are also a bridge between resources and those living with Mental Health issues: Our Resources Page is a rich learning ground. We try to provide information on Mental Health Professionals, Institutions, NGOs and Holistic Healing Experts to our members, when such information is sought.

Do we only talk about the Medicinal approach and Therapy for management of chronic Mental Health Conditions?
While that might form the most important part of managing serious and chronic mood disorders, our approach is Holistic. Hence we advocate Yoga (especially, Pranayam), Exercise, a Nutritious Diet, Creative expression, etc, for a sustainable recovery.

You can expect inspirational stories, pick up tips and suggestions from peers and post your own doubts and queries. We try to ensure to the best of our ability that members find it a safe space to express themselves. Most importantly, it is a meeting ground of minds. Voice your concerns without holding back. It is only by sharing our experiences that we can grow and break the stranglehold of stigma and isolation.

Being in a Peer Support Community has several benefits. A sense of belonging, of people understanding your challenges because they have experienced these themselves, of realising that recovery is possible. Of the realisation that ‘I am not the only one living with these problems! There are so many like me!’  And seeing how others are managing themselves. This instills hope and makes members more determined to overcome their challenges, no matter how daunting they seem to be.

From today onwards, maybe you have a reason to feel less lonely.

More heartwarming is the shape this Community has taken having covered a lot of ground in these years.

~ You can now reach out to Medical Professionals such as Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists, who are now on the panel of BipolarIndia and are accessible through the Page: Professional Help.

~ Public Events to mark World Bipolar Day have been hosted by us for three years in a row, taking awareness offline.

~ Seminars conducted by us include one on The Mental Health Care Act, 2017.

~ As mentioned earlier, we have a Telegram App based Peer Support Group drawing those afflicted and their caregivers from all over India. This also acts as a real time help forum for persons in distress. Our timely interventions have many a times averted serious crises. Do consider joining our community if you too live with mental health issues or are a Caregiver to one.

~ We have been conducting In Person PEER SUPPORT Meetings in Mumbai since 2015 on a monthly basis. This movement has now expanded its reach and is gathering momentum in Delhi-NCR too.

~ We have hosted many Online Sessions for our community. Some of these sessions have been conducted by Experts from varied domains such as Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Yoga and Nutrition.

~ Our journey has been fulfilling, yet we have only just begun.
On the anvil are plans to scale up outreach with multiple initiatives and projects for the betterment of our community.

So, as our tagline goes, Let’s Walk Together.

This site strongly advocates diagnosis and treatment of Bipolar Disorder (and other serious mental illnesses) by qualified Psychiatrists. There is no alternative to adhering to your Doctor’s prescribed medicines and check ups as advised on a regular basis.
Any methods, resources suggested on this site are at best supplementary in the healing process and NOT by any means an alternative to professional treatment under the care of a Psychiatrist.