How Did I Regain My Lost Creativity?

meditationHow I got back my lost creativity through Meditation

I was a very creative person in my childhood and wrote both poetry and prose. At the tender age of 14, my poetry was published in national Hindi newspapers and the media gave me the title of Baalkavi (child poet). Those creative days came to an end when I got into the career, MBA or rat race whatever you may call it.

The stress and pressures of career almost killed my creativity. Or maybe my mind was too clouded to create anything extraordinary. Two years back I started practicing meditation and I slowly started feeling the clouded thinking changing to creative thinking. My creative skills started coming back. Very often creativity is inspired by seeing relationships and interrelationships between objects and people. How can a cluttered mind see much?

During the six months of regular one hour meditation plus attitudinal shift, the creativity in me reached its peak. I am not saying, meditation can convert a completely non-creative person into a creative but meditation raises our consciousness levels and with increased consciousness, we can find relationships between things we were not able to co-relate at all earlier.

The only problem I feel is that the initial results are slow in meditation and most of the people lose their patience and interest after a while. A meditation/spiritual coach who monitors your progress and guides you from time to time can make the meditation experience successful much faster. Once the person achieves higher consciousness and feels the immense joy and lightheartedness which it accompanies, then one is likely to become a meditation addict for life.

Meditation also has significant impact on our wisdom, intuition, temper, awareness (alertness) and so on. But we want everything fast these days and that may be the reason meditation is not popular among the masses.

Advice to creative professionals
My advice to creative professionals is to practice meditation to see exponential growth in your creativity. Meditation boosts our creativity through reflection though practice and repetition play a critical role in honing creative skills. One well accepted fact about creativity is that creativity often has an inspiration, the inspiration can come from nature, your beloved (or muse)  or the inspiration can be divine.

What's your story“Some inspiration comes from my inspiration (muse),

Some inspiration comes from the divine.

Some inspiration comes from my friends,

There is nothing I can claim to be mine.”

Anyway connect with the creator (through meditation) and start creating magic. And who knows what surprise life may have in store for you.

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N.B. What’s this post doing here?
“Meditation also has significant impact on our wisdom, intuition, temper & awareness”
We bipolars are probably among the most creative people around, provided our energies are
optimally utilised. Meditation calms the mind and is now scientifically proven to rewire the brain.
A term known as ‘Neuroplasticity’. Allow meditation to rejuvenate you~ Admin


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