My Path Of Possibilities

path-of-possibilitiesLacking was I the universal power
For lacking was I, the universe inside me.
With nothing to hold on, no reason to feel loved
I went on moving away from the world,
Since I moved away from me
But, something tempted me to live on a stage

When the devil of negativism was dancing with joy in me
Something knocked me from my inside to hold on,
Every time the devil held my mind,
So did it strike me, nothing happens by chance!
Every chance we get or every chance we take for life
Has number of reasons which hold a number of possibilities
Possibilities of love, possibilities for life.

12773001_932477470138763_1634360993_oCarrying a light rented from an external source, I chose to walk.
I choose to simply walk my roads;
Walk my roads ignoring the bricks and stones,
Walk my roads ignoring all the talk
It is true that I am still walking;
Walking my path of possibilities.

But now I carry my own light to invade the darkness;
To explore my blessings, to explore my possibilities.
Walking alone this long, with no one to trip me, no one to interrupt;
I got aligned with my soul, I outshone my own light!
In so many unknown ways, with so many blessed rays
I turned out to be a born again spiritual being
with a cleansed mind and blessed right!

~ Electra Elinaelectra-elina

Yet another Guest Contribution to a Community that is truly coming into its own!

Meet Electra Elina~
A Painter, Poet, Motivational Writer, accomplished Blogger and two times Published Author.

Not only has Electra penned these soul stirring lines, both these brilliant works of Art used here are her work too~ how well do they entwine with the core message!
Thank you Electra, for sharing this moving, inspiring work with our community!