World Bipolar Day 2019 Conference


An Event to mark the Big Day
It is World Bipolar Day on March 30th and we at BipolarIndia are organising our 4th annual Conference to mark the day. Every year, the world celebrates the day by holding seminars and awareness campaigns. Ours is probably the only peer led community to organise a Conference for World Bipolar Day on this scale, anywhere in India.

What is so significant about the day?
vincent-van-goghIt marks the birth anniversary of the legendary Vincent Van Gogh, troubled genius of a painter who was said to be suffering from Bipolar Disorder.
‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’
~ Van Gogh

Amazing how much his quote resonates with what our community stands for!

What can you expect from this full day Conference?
Firstly, it is a coming together of an entire community of Bipolar Disorder affected, their caregivers from distant parts of India. The emphasis will be on providing thorough knowledge about the condition and the remedies available. Our approach is to look at recovery from a 360 degree perspective. Along with gaining knowledge, be inspired from stories of extraordinary resilience in face of daunting challenges in the form of lived experiences.

Who should attend?
~ Bipolar Disorder affected
~ Caregivers
~ Psychology students
~ Community workers in the area of mental health

Which topics will be covered?
We have an array of Experts from various domains touching on topics of great relevance. The thrust is on a holistic approach towards wellness.

shrikant-kshirsagarShrikant Kshirsagar
Yoga Facilitator  
“Exploring Yogic Techniques for Managing Bipolar Disorders” 
A vastly experienced Yoga trainer, Shrikant has been a generous facilitator for our community. His simple approach makes yoga more accessible for us. Pranayam, especially, is known to calm down the mind. Experience Shrikant’s yoga-magic!


Shilpa Mittalshilpa-mittal
Nutritionist and Diet Consultant
“Nutrition Tips for Mood Disorders”
We are what we eat, as the saying goes. Gut health has a direct connect with our moods. Ms. Shilpa Mittal, who has a Masters degree in food science and nutrition,will discuss the foods which are beneficial for our moods and also those to avoid, with reasons why.

Our Panelist Speakers

Zeenat Jahan zeenat-jahan
Psychologist, Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner
“Positive Psychology for Mental Health”
Zeenat will discuss the mind’s ability and how to use it to deal with our multiple challenges. She herself is an inspiring woman who walks the talk~ making her assertions more believable and credible.

hvovi-bhagwagarH’vovi Bhagwagar

“Bipolar Disorder~ Coping Tips for Caregivers”
Hvovi will touch upon a topic of great relevance. Every person with mental illness has on an average, two or three family members who assume the roles of caregivers. The talk will focus on coping tips for this much neglected community. H’vovi is a vastly experienced and awarded Psychologist.

Dr. Milan Balakrishnandr-milan-balakrishnan
Consulting Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist
“Bipolar Disorder Simplified”
Knowledge empowers. Bipolar Disorder is a much misunderstood condition even among those affected by it and their caregivers. Dr Milan, who is a Psychiatrist with Masina Hospital and Bombay Hospital, will help make us understand this serious illness in all its intricacies.

Vijay Nallawalavijay-nallawala
Author, Digital Storyteller and Founder, Bipolarindia
“The ABC of Conquering Bipolar Disorder”
With his 42 years of experience successfully living with Bipolar Disorder, Vijay shares how he made it and how anyone else can do it too. Also, he will be sharing the roadmap for the community.

Inspiring Stories of Lived Experiences~

Tripti Mishratripti-mishra
Teaching Professional & Placement Advisor
“Bipolar Disorder and Holding a Job”
Who better than Tripti to touch upon this subject? Having lived with the illness for decades and simultaneously holding a challenging teaching job at the same institution for many years, Tripti knows how to overcome the challenges of the illness and especially with context to the workplace scenario.

mamta-prasadMamta Prasad
Author, Artist & Journalist
“Healing Through Art”
We have incredible talent within our community! Mamta is a shining example of that. Hers is a rousing story of how she has overcome odds on multiple fronts and expressed herself through her artistic offerings.

The Conference will also have a Panel session for Q & A
Be loaded with questions! Get all your doubts cleared.
Be there, discover how several among us have risen above our challenges and are not just surviving, but thriving.
Be there, be part of a community with a difference.
Be the difference.

We are not just survivors.
We are not our illnesses.
We are warriors. 

Wellness warriors.

Details of Event~
9.15 am to 9.45 am Registration
10 am to 6.30 pm Conference

Tea/Coffee/Snacks and Lunch will be provided.

S P Jain Auditorium, Bombay Hospital, New Marine Lines, Mumbai. (refer to Google map below)

Join us on this big day. Let’s walk together for the cause of mental wellness.
Confirm your participation today!



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