Why Did I Write This Book?









Just as a child gives birth to a mother, this book gave birth to a storyteller.

When I first held a copy of the book in my hands, flipped through the pages.. it was an incredible feeling!

What a cathartic journey it has been…It all began with my personal blog and a couple of posts on it that had aroused great interest. The topic was such~ my odyssey as a bipolar afflicted. A friend and Mentor, Puneet Bhatnagar spotted my ability to inspire others and he set up this community website for bipolar and depression afflicted. People from all corners of India (and abroad) have interacted with me via this site. It has even encouraged a bipolar to openly share his story.

From pioneering this online initiative, the book was a natural progression. In my own life, in my difficult times, books have been the most influential of all in my turnaround.
The power of a well told story to inspire and instill belief in the heart of a reader is unmatched.
Also, poor internet penetration in India prevents many Indians from accessing my website. My book can well be a companion to many lonely souls.

It is one thing to be a Blogger and another to write a book. This transition was facilitated by the masterful coaching of Dr.Amit Nagpal, my Personal Branding and Storytelling Coach. From him I’ve learnt the skill of writing that touches the heart and narrating stories that inspire. If my book creates an impact, I would credit him for nurturing my talent. He continues inspiring me with his coaching as well as his own writing.

The key influence during this journey has been and continues to be Soul-Sis, Jennifer Sertl, who has a deep commitment to the cause. Selflessly, she has coached me via Skype over the past two years, helping me map the path ahead. Midway, when I had begun doubting my ability, her inspiring presence was all that I needed to correct course. Above all, she has taught me to articulate with Authenticity. She uses her enviable Social Media Influence generously to ‘amplify my voice’, as she evocatively terms it. And she still guides me as our journey takes off on another, more exciting plane.. Her stirring Foreword to the book reflects her sensitivity and intellect.

As Puneet had uncannily prophesied, writing about my journey set me free. If after reading it inspires the turnaround in the life of even one bipolar or depression affected, I’d say, ‘Mission Accomplished’. For it means a family is able to smile again.

Meanwhile, the book has been received well by book reviewers as wells as readers.

Be truthful, you might begin believing in yourself
Express your truth, maybe others might buy into it?

Write down your truth
Maybe you might fall in love with it

Keep creating, keep writing
And one fine day you are a storyteller

If you have been truthful,
You might touch people’s lives

And maybe, just maybe
Help them discover their truths.
In deep Gratitude to my selfless Mentors~
~ Puneet Bhatnagar
~ Dr. Amit Nagpal
~ Jennifer Sertl

“Let’s Walk Together” and together, let’s make a difference.