Into The Sun


The dark is so cozy
Hides me from prying eyes

I am in my own world
While the world speeds by

No don’t bother about me
I’m probably not worth your time

Then she says in a whisper
Come, come with me

Don’t know why, I do get up
Her voice has inspired me

With knots in my stomach,
I  gingerly open the door

I shield my eyes
From the blinding light

Put a foot forward
Take another step

Then another
And yet another

And I break into a run
And spread my arms

Oh yes I have done it!
At last, I am free!

A hand clutches my right hand
Another, my left hand

And we walk together
All of us singing along

The song of freedom
The song of gay abandon

Our feet move in tandem
Leaving the darkness behind

So, Let’s Walk Together
For each other…into the sun.