A Beautiful Mind


This is the story of a beautiful mind
Across the oceans you will find.

He never shows but his soul is crying
Every moment he is slowly dying

He tries to hide his emotions
Perhaps he is looking for divine solution

The pain of his heart reflects through his eyes
Struggling through life, he keeps on trying

He is the one who wears a smile
And also the one who carries the ‘secret’ file

The pain of his life he cannot share
Suicide is easy but he cannot dare

The morning pills, the lifelong medication..
His love life has lost all the passion

Enraged, sometimes he shouts
The suppressed angst must come out

The tremors he feels in his hands
Can’t hold things, it plays on his mind

Family holds his fragile world together
Like a stone weighing down a feather

Sleepless nights cursing his destiny
Dreaming of a day which feels bright and sunny

The sickening social stigma associated
In the work place too he is discriminated

He struggles, day in, day out
Nowhere to go, just round about

Through highs and lows he goes
Peaks of these phases exponentially grow

No, wait, this is no surrender!
This beautiful mind has bipolar disorder !!

Contributed by our Reader Manoj Sharma
35, who works at Indian Oil Corporation

Edited/partly rewritten by Vijay Nallawala