This journey is not easy but it’s worthwhile

JourneyI took one step forward in the shallow water
Tentatively seeking the soil beneath my feet

The next step took me deeper
Was the other side too far across?

For swim I cannot, had to trust the water’s depth
My footing got surer, my strides firmer and longer

No more were my steps gingerly
The doubts had been washed away

Left the murky waters behind me
The pebbles on the shore never felt so good under my bare feet

As I walked into the woods, the light faded away
Stop I could not, there was no going back

They had warned me of the lurking dangers
They had dissuaded me from embarking on this journey

Resolute of purpose, keeping fear at bay
Walk I had to, there was no turning back

Had I ventured too far out, the mind asked in the darkness
Back myself I had to, held on to my faith

Saw a glimmer of twilight through the now thinning woods
Yes! The open greens now rolled out before me!

A magnificent vista awaited me
Sure, the journey had been worthwhile.

“Welcome home, brave man”, she smiled and greeted me
“Few know me, fewer still have met me. I am Authenticity”

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