‘Normal is Boring’ Laughing away the Blues!

A few months ago had met my Psychiatrist. (Let us call him Doc  hereafter).
As usual, our Q & A session began..

‘How are you feeling?’ Doc asked me.

Fine, normal.

 He just raised his eyebrows.

Well, you know, I’m normally under the weather a little bit. I normally am a little depressed. That’s how I feel. Wonder if that make me ‘normal’?

‘Look, Vijay’ said Doc. ‘Ideally you should be at close to 100 %. Being depressed is not a happy place to be’

Well Doc, I’ve accepted it and guess it is part of my life now. I look at it this way, aren’t there so many people with more critical conditions? I take solace from that.

‘That does not reduce your problem, does it? You see, prolonged periods of depression need to be treated. I’ll put you on to a mild Anti-Depressant. See me after a fortnight.’

‘How are you feeling after the now’ Doc asked me, last month. I had been on the Anti-Depressant for quite a while by then.

Much better! Feeling stable.

Up went Doc’s eyebrows.

You see, am energetic, motivated, less tired, the anxiety levels are down. Never felt better before!

‘Now, now, you might call this as a “better, stable condition”. For a Bipolar, these are typical signs of the beginning of a high phase, Vijay. No, no, don’t look so morose. We shall retain the Anti-Depressant but increase your Mood Stabilisers. A high phase can suddenly trip you into mania. Do you get me?’

Yes, I guess, Doctor. For a Bipolar, Normal is boring! 

Even the otherwise stern Doc had to smile at this one!!