Renewal follows turmoil

 Renewal follows turmoil
 Change comes after much toil

 Whenever I have been through one my darkest phases of life, at that particular time it seems that this is the end of the world. Surely it can’t get worse than this. Anxieties, disillusionment, utter lack of hope hold me in a vice like grip.

If I look back, on every single occasion, the same storm that had threatened to tear me apart has made me stronger. I emerge a new, energised and wiser me.

If  challenges are thrown at us, so are solutions and strength to surmount them. I have found invaluable support from sources least expected at such times. A new Mentor comes in my life liking a messiah, great Books that somehow I end up reading at that very time, a friend who calls on me, my inner voice and of course, Him.

Every such ‘upheaval’, however terrifying, is in fact a catharsis: A cleansing, rejuvenating experience.

Why then, be afraid of change, uncertainty, upheaval in our lives?

A Poem that I have written on my Blog describes this experience. Check the Blog Link below:

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