Let’s Walk Together

Let's-Walk-TogetherWhere I can take confident, firm strides forward
When I have no doubt where I am headed toward

Where stigma and ridicule have no place at all
When a veil is not needed at all

Where bias and prejudice have been dismembered
When there is no cause to be afraid of the world

Where I am not encumbered by suffocating walls
Where no one can stifle my strong inner voice

Where I am never isolated or despairingly alone
When my mind can hold beautiful dreams of its own

Where people come forward to be of help
To guide me, empower me, on each and every step

When our 200 million strong community, to a new day wakes
There will be that state of freedom, just you wait!

We shall be our own force, and we shall touch glory!
Let’s walk together, let’s tell our stirring, heroic story!

(Inspired by the poem, ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’, by Rabindranath Tagore)