About To Draw The Curtain On Life

LifeWith her shoulders drooping, she walked, each step laboured as she drifted aimlessly. Head bent forward, eyes on the ground and lost in her own world.

And her world was not a pleasant place right now.
“What is there for me to look forward in life? Nobody understands me or cares for me..they too have given up on me. Not that I blame them at all. I am not worthy of anybody’s love anymore. Life has become such a drag. Getting up to a new day and what do I look forward to?”
Preoccupied with these thoughts, she trudged on.

She wondered when that place would arrive. The one which had been described by the kind old man in the park. He somehow seemed to sense her pain without knowing anything about her. He had told her that if she made it to the edge of the cliff, she would be able to end her troubles once and for all. Reena did not have the energy to complicate things. She had decided that she would jump over, the moment she reached the cliff’s edge.

Then it was there. A grassy plateau which ended in a cliff. She neared the edge without fear. Hadn’t she come there with a singular purpose? Yes, this would be the end of all her troubles.

As she stood at the edge, she peered down out of curiosity. The majestic sight made her sit down on the grass. What an amazing landscape it was! Below her she could see a thin layer of whitish clouds till her eye could see. The beautiful layer looked like a magic carpet. There was a rainbow on the horizon and birds flying around, the likes of which she had not even imagined. It was simply spectacular!

She lost count of the time she had spent admiring the experience, all by herself, the strong breeze enveloping her. A calmness took over her. Her spirits seemed to soar along with the birds which raced against each other.

“How stupendous is God’s creation! How did I miss the magic of life all this while?”

She got up and after a last glance at the scene, she turned back. Reena, finally had realised how exquisite life is. To think that she was about to throw it all away..

“I don’t care what others think or say about me anymore. For that matter, I don’t want to think about what they think about me or say behind my back! Why should that upset me? Life is beautiful beyond imagination. No, I do not have the courage to throw it all away in a moment of desperation.”

As she walked back, Reena wasn’t exactly smiling. Yet, gone was her lack of purpose. Though still tired of body, her spirit had come to life.