Creativity: Window To Our Souls


What happens when a pool of incredibly creative talent expresses itself? There is a starburst of creativity to feast upon!
Our Peer Support Community is just such a reservoir of talent. Thus, when we at BipolarIndia were invited by Bloggers Alliance to be Mental Health Partners to a Campaign with the theme, ‘Creative Mind is Healthy Mind’, the first thought was: Just what the Doctor ordered! Creative expression helps us relax our minds and release stress. It allows us to engage ourselves mindfully in activities that please the soul, nurture us. Our imagination takes us to worlds that leave our mundane routines and concerns far behind, even if temporarily.

So let’s dive into what our members have come up with, in this absorbing showcase of creativity. Not in any particular order of merit or preference. If this collection had a voice, it would be probably saying:
‘Would you care to appreciate my ability and for once, disregard my disability?’

How about a Zine on Bipolar Disorder to begin with?

The Author/Artist & Yoga Therapist:
Ramya Pullitla

Her Blog Post
Instagram: @artmindstardust
Website: Heal With Ramya
Pictorial Thoughts
The selfie point

Waves crashing in rhythms
Horizon enveloped with golden hue
Selfies at the edge of a battered fort

Lost in the almost perfect moment
Sun, sea and sand
And a mountain of rocks

Picture perfect location
Where travellers and tourists interchange
Top 10 of every bucketlist

The fulfilled promise of an onerous plan
Escape from so called drudgery
Caught on 12MP

Maybe the selfies on the fort
Would be proof enough
They really had a good time

The shifting sands of time

A bucket of wet sand,
A spade to mould it in shapes,
Figures of castles and temples,
All transient till the next wave sets in.

Undoubtedly ’tis known to the sculptor,
Still she goes on about making the castles,
Without any expectations
Of the future generations,
Just the satisfaction of the ephemeral moment.

Thank heavens the moment was fleeting,
Else people would have fought wars to conquer the castle.

Photographer- Writer:
Tushar Nanda

Instagram: @tushki2406

Music to my ears!


Music Composer:
Abhishek Mehta
Outpouring of the Soul

सम्भालने वालों की सम्भाल

जर्रा जर्रा बिखरे थे तुम,
कतरा कतरा रोये थे
टूटे थे जब वो सपने
जो तुमने मेरी खातिर बोये थे

उन्माद अवसाद है इसको
डॉक्टर ने जब बोला था
मानो मेरे माँ बाबा ने
दरवाज़ा नरक का खोला था

हत्प्रभ थे सब भाई बहन सब
जब बीमारी विकट समझ आयी
मेरे जीवन की काली कालिख
सब चेहरों मे झलक आयी

मनोचिकित्सक की दवा तो
मेरे गले उतर जाती
बूढ़े होते माँ बाबा की
मदद कहाँ मै कर पाती

प्यार बहुत करती थी ऊनको
पर मै ही चोट पहुंचाती थी
कभी था रोना कभी झगड़ना
कितना मै तडपाती थी

क्यूं ना कभी कोई चिकित्सक
ऊनका दर्द समझ पाया
क्यूं ना उन्के हिस्से में
कोई मनोवैज्ञानिक आया
क्यूं ना उनकी हुई चिकित्सा
आजीवन उन्हे व्यथित पाया

चार दशक के बाद मेरे
वक़्त ने करवट बदली है
खुद सम्भली हूक घर संभला है
पर गुजर गये माँ बाबा मेरे

प्रभु बस इतनी कृपा करना स्वामी
सुखी रहे वो घर तेरे 

Poetry & Dance Rendition
Dr Tripti Mishra
Facebook: @tripti.mishra.129
Mandala Art and other Sketches

Varsha Kini
Instagram:  @mandalakini
Poetic Take on Bipolar Disorder
Lets fight Bipolar disorder with grit and gumption.
Lets ensure we follow the doctor and counselor and free ourselves from tension.
Bipolar Disorder has bearing on our mood. Lets us not too much brood.
Bipolar Disorder can cause shifts. Lets make it a point it does not  lead to rifts.
Bipolar Disorder can cause severe depression. Lets seek remedy and not supression.
Mania may feel pleasurable but it can be destructible.
Bipolar Disorder entails therapy hence one must avail when one is  chirpy.
Bioplar Disorder does not render you dysfunctional.
Correct treatment and holistic approach can help you be functional.
Living with Bipolar Disorder may have many obtacles however determination and perseverance can make these obstacles seem like pebbles.

My Poem on Lockdown
Lockdown is a big mess
Lockdown does not allow you to buy new dress
Lockdown has caused tremendous boredom
Lockdown hope does not  take away permanently our freedom
Lockdown is pretty uncertain
Lockdown has made everyone get unnerved for certain
Lockdown has tested our patience
Lockdown has enhance our faith toward’s God’s reverence
Lockdown has affected one and all
Lockdown has spared none at all
Lockdown has been house arrest
Lockdown lifting should lead to peaceful restPoet & Blogger
Advocate Shreyas Rao

Twitter: @legalphilosophe
Fun with Doodling!

Pooja Raut
Instagram: @nuts_pooja92
A Painter’s Palette 

Meera Agarwal
Instagram: @meera.concepts
Why be a spectator when you can learn amazing art techniques?

Ridam Kulshreshta
Insta ID: @craftmania_ridam
Ridam’s Art & Craft at:
Craft Mania
A Writer’s Craft

“Once I am done with the article, I have to fight my restlessness about it being good or not. Yes everyone has these emotions, it is just that an average joe would probably have a better grip on these emotions because the self-doubt is not as high as mine. This leads me to check my blog stats every fifteen minutes, which has forced me to delete the stats app from my phone, well I am trying to get a hold of my crazy attributes.”
This is an excerpt from the Blog Post~
Writing a Blog While Being Bipolar
bipolar-disorderBlog and Instagram Posts by
Vinod Rathod
Instagram: @intellectual.nomad
Mandala Art and other Art Forms

Juhi Jaiswal


फ़िज़ूल की कोई बात नहीं,  मतलबी होगयी रातें सभ।  (२ बार)
सितारों की भी आज रात हैं (२ बार),
लेकिन देखो इन्हें, टूटने के बाद भी इनमें आग हैं।
सफर अंधेरों से जगमगाएगा, यह बात साफ हैं (२ बार),
लेकिन सोच कि गुंजाइश हैं कहाँ  (२ बार),
बादलों को चीरती हुई बारिश (२-३ बार),
कभी टेहरी हैं कहाँ ? (२-३ बार),
जलकर बुझना, बुझकर जलना, वक़्त वक़्त की बात हैं (२-३ बार),
अंदर झाँक कर देख कभी (२ बार),
चिंगारियों की सौगात हैं,
एक टूटते तारें से पूछ कभी (२ बार),
इसको सभी की मालूमात हैं।

When Profound Thoughts Meet Art

Mamta Prasad
Author: Running In Circles~ Making Ends Meet
Writer, Poet, Artist
Instagram: @colorfooled
Thank you peeping into our world!