The Tribe Leader

lone-rangerOne man began a journey and soon others joined him
The cause was compelling, several more joined in

Now, ten of them walked on a path for a common cause
There was enthusiasm, there was unbridled passion!

The passion got diluted, one dropped out.
Nine of them continued resolutely together

Three more developed cold feet
‘Let’s not look back’ said the remaining six

A few more got into a huddle
‘We are heading nowhere!’ they cribbed

And finally there was just the one man walking
The man who had first begun the journey

He walked on regardless, driven by the cause
A voice within was his compass, his guide

A long distance had been covered by him by then
His weary but firm strides seared the path relentlessly

His tribe now sat up and took notice
‘Wow! What is a trailblazer he is!’ they now said

‘We cannot just applaud his journey,
Let’s support him, let’s join him on his path’

The whole tribe now joined him
‘Let’s Walk Together’ they sang.

The pioneer felt a surge of pride
As new leaders cropped up in the tribe

‘I never was alone’ thought he
‘I never walked alone’ he smiled.