Stress: The Bane Of Modern Life.


Stress is THE big bane of the rushed lives we just zip through each day.

Where does it arise from?

Deadlines and targets to meet at work, working mothers (especially in India) have to deal with the challenge that fulfilling the dual responsibility as a home-maker and career woman brings with it.

Financial crises, both real and those self created are another common source that have often culminated in suicides.

Thorny relationships where one partner feels unloved or unappreciated can over a period of time lead to a lot of disenchantment and then any effort to hold the relationship together causes stress.

Health is another very big cause: lifestyle illnesses due to our sedentary habits, poor diet and lack of adequate exercise might together be the biggest contributor to stress.

One can go on..What’s important is to acknowledge that stress is very much part of our lives and find ways to deal with it and mitigate its deadly effects.

To assess how you are doing in managing it here’s a simple check-list (of course each one of us may have her /his own method of unwinding):

Take a look at your last week, for instance.
Have you been able to take some time out for yourself: your inner-most needs?
To actually go out and meet a friend, go for a leisurely stroll surrounded by the greens, meditated without having to glance at your watch?
Your passion of painting/listening to music/writing/reading books..have you really spared some of your precious time for the things that are most precious to you in life?

This is what your tired mind screams for, if left unheard for long, then stress does all the screaming.