Believe you can. I did, am glad I did!

Bipolar-Disorder-HealingI had created a Slideshare Presentation on the Mind, Brain, Soul aspects of Bipolar healing.

A Bipolar needs treatment by a Psychiatrist and to follow the medical regimen as prescribed by him. This helps bring the monster of the illness under control. Does it ensure a ‘normal’ life for the patient?

In order to improve the quality of life to an acceptable level, many other supplementary measures are recommended. Above all, the Mind plays a vital role. Staying positive, focused on recovery, refusing to get bogged down by setbacks: for all this determination and resolve are required which no Doctor can provide.

If one believes recovery is possible, co-operates with Medical Professionals, maintains discipline and has the initiative to adopt alternative healing techniques, then normalcy is within reach.

Believe you can. I did, am glad I did!
The Presentation: