This Community Completes It’s Eventful First Year!


This community was born exactly a decade after I was diagnosed Bipolar and hospitalised:- the day indelibly etched in my memory, May 24, 2003. There was an inner urge to share my story with millions of those afflicted, those who could do with experiences and inspiration shared by one who is part of them. In India the level of awareness and the treatments available are way below the standards of the developed world. The lack is especially glaring when it comes to local offline communities and Peer support. It is this chasm that we aim to build a bridge across and in the process, we intend to take this initiative offline too. On this site we try to focus on the recovery part more: the discipline of body and mind that takes one across. Inspiring stories of people who have refused to succumb, have come out winners cannot but fire our imagination add value to the site. A growing body of research validates the incredibly powerful benefits of Meditation and Yoga on well being (esp. mental health).

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
Ernest Hemingway

Writing on my Blogs has been a liberating experience. There’s one boon we bipolars have been bestowed with: a sharp creative edge. By giving vent to my creative energy I not only occupy myself but it is fulfilling too.

The encouraging readership has got from around the globe as well as theBipolar-India-Stats appreciative feedback from peers prompted me to write my first book which is also based on my own recovery from the claws of Bipolar. The Book should be out by year end. Without question the journey has been gratifying, but I must remember that it has just begun, there are so many exciting opportunities to make a difference and much more needs to be done.

I recall a quote,
‘It is incredible how much can be achieved, when nobody wants the credit’

While expressing my gratitude to all those who have made this possible, there are people who have orchestrated my journey and sharpened the purpose of this community.

Puneet Bhatnagar, a Guru with great depth of thinking and who has this precious knack of seeing the bigger picture without missing the details: Puneet actually set the ball rolling by Mentorshelping me launch this initiative.

Dr Amit Nagpal, who is also coaching me in my Personal Branding career, with his keen observation and aesthetic sense, helps bring finesse to my writing. Amitji is a Mentor who beams positive energy, which in turn, I soak with glee!

There’s this incredible angel whom I call a God sent for me, as well as the Bipolar and Mental Illness community: Jennifer Sertl. She has literally lit up the murky path for me to walk on!
Just can’t thank you, enough, Jennifer. Am grateful for the oodles of positive energy that you imbibe me with. Your inspiring coaching has given me a razor sharp focus and a belief that my vision is not a Bipolar’s euphoric pipe-dream.

Is there a better way for a writer to end this  post than by sharing this poem? (previously published on this site)
It expresses my emotions on the occasion perfectly!

A Walk Through A Raging Storm
The rain, ferocious rain pours as I’m walking
Where am I headed, what am I seeking?

Seeking shelter around me, left and right
Not a comforting nook anywhere in sight

My inner turmoil adds to my anguish and pain
Dread the thought of going through it all again..

Fall apart, piece by piece
Show me a way out, oh please

Searched for the fallen pieces all around me
They had merged with the wet muddy path I had left behind me

It then came to me in a flash, to the fore
Hadn’t I been through this all before?

With all my might pulled myself together again
Saw the new me come up despite the pain

With my arms spread open wide, face up, dared the rain
Felt cleansed, renewed, my joy was insane!

And then suddenly saw the path ahead gloriously lit up
Tearing apart the dreary clouds, the kind, warm Sun had come up

After falling apart, disintegrating
Was the whole me that I was seeking

Come on rain, willing to take you on again
The fire in me has been lit, cannot be doused again.

This sums up my cathartic journey: Why not make it our journey?