Small Joys Make For A Life Of Happiness

small-joysI chose to make yesterday a bit different from what was getting to be a monotonous routine. Yes, even a writer/author/blogger can get into a rut! I opted to do ten things that would make me feel happier than I was. Normally, I do have a lot of activities lined up in a day that are fulfilling: but that’s precisely the point: normal is boring! Even those activities that bring me joy such as, meditation, yoga, writing, playing with my little daughter, can lose their ability to enthuse me if they fall into a regular pattern.

Therefore I jotted down ten new things I would do and as a bonus I would add a smiley for each task completed by the end of the day.

1) I called up my cousin after a long time. He is not keeping well and knew this would make him feel better. It certainly did, as he himself said to Sis. Empathy lightens the soul.

2) Photography is a passion that I have ignored of late due to paucity of time. As decided took my camera out, took a few shots. Passion rekindled.

3) Too much work can make Jack (and me) a dull boy! Stretched on multiple fronts with the added pressure of getting on with the first Book that I am writing, I was losing my ability to laugh. Enjoyed a few uproarious gags on the internet. Laughter is the best..forget the medicine!

4) As such I meditate in the mornings. Meditation is the single biggest source of my well being and calmness. If it benefits me so much, why not repeat it in the evening. Before going to sleep, meditated for fifteen minutes. Bliss!

5) Surprise Diti, my nine year old, with a gift (esp after her touching gesture on Father’s Day)..
Bought a family pack of ice cream in her favourite flavour: chocolate. Delight on her face!

6) Write a poem or a song was my resolve: did so. Writing poetry is known to elevate mood. Here is what I came up with, on the spot:

Happiness is….

On a wooded path, walking
Colourful birds, songs chirping

Ideas flowing through the mind, flowing..
Energy surging, surging, just surging..

In the zone, writing
Words on paper, pen flying

Needing no reason to smile
Its sunshine, sunshine..

No barrier in the way
When the mind holds sway

Being alone not lonely
Contented and full, not empty

Zest to do things, fiery
No time to get tired or weary

Why not choose to be kind
Without any reason or rhyme?

For this is my moment of happiness
My moment of being, feeling and living bliss

7) Watch the sunset, weather permitting. The monsoon clouds did play spoilsport but the rays of sunlight framing against the clouds make for a pretty sight too. Aesthetic Delight.

8) Work with a smile on my face. That should be easy since I enjoy my work, right?
Not quite if pressured by various deadlines to meet. Smiling releases tension, lightens all loads. Mindfulness.

9) Catch the FIFA W Cup Netherlands vs Australia Soccer match- at least that was within my waking hours (yeah, there are many bleary eyed Indians/ Asians with most matches post midnight as per our time zones)!
What a match it turned out to be: Just rewards!

10) Add a smiley for each task completed by yesterday. Got all ten done, plus got a couple more done! Disciplined Warrior!

11) Volunteered to run an errand for Khyati my wife. Brownie point for myself!

12) Had promised our house-help that we would fund her minor daughter’s education cost. The subsidised annual school fees amount to less than what we would spend on a night out with dinner. Yesterday, I fulfilled this promise. Thank You God for my compassionate nature.